What is the importance of a good product photo in eBay?

I need to know the importance of white BG images and how they attract buyers to purchase.

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There is a phrase: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words” and when it comes to e-commerce they are the major point of attraction for users.

  • Good quality images always give a proper understanding of any product
  • Online, it’s not possible to describe products in details, so pictures play the role for that lengthy and important descriptions
  • There is a psychological thing If the image is good only then users will show their interest in reading the descriptions further. Whereas, if the image is blurry and contains distracted elements causing users to focus to shift then users will not show up their interest in knowing more about the product.

I hope above some points makes sense 🙂



Default Answered on August 28, 2018.
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It might sound obvious but a good product photo on eBay gives the customers a clear idea about the product they are buying. They are the FIRST thing the buyer sees when looking through the results. This means that great photos naturally increase the click through and hence more sales.

Great photos not only improve click through – but also buyer confidence, increasing sales. To rank higher bundled photos are good and more attractive at the moment.

Golden Rules for Great Photo Galleries:

Below are the four rules that we need to follow:

  • All photos MUST be high definition and zoomable.
  • If the product is available in different colors, all colors should be shown.
  • If the product is available in different sizes, all sizes must be shown.
  • All eBay product photos should have a correctly configured ALT Tag.
Default Answered on September 4, 2018.
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