How to Effectively Market eBay listings?


I have joined some local FB groups to share my products and increase sales. Initially, it worked well but now I’m not gettig that good response.

So, is there any other way to get that buzz back on my store 😀

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Take some time to examine your eBay listings process to reap big rewards. Include correct product identifiers as these identifiers are now mandatory for certain listings. Hence it’s become important to add product identifiers.

Use your maximum quota of pictures: You can upload up to 12 photos for free on eBay, so make the most of this great opportunity to showcase your products and increase your chances of converting.

Check that you’re in the right categories: For example, Mobile & Smart Phones vs. Mobile Phone Accessories buyers use this information to select items. Therefore list your items in the correct categories and use the most relevant item specifics if you want buyers to find your listings.

Write relevant and descriptive content making use of all 80 characters wisely. Make sure to include key details in the product title also, even if they also happen to appear in the description, and state exactly what your item is. Even if you are repeating the category name, that’s fine. The correct spelling is obligatory and takes care, not to overuse abbreviations. To provide more information make use of subtitles under titles – this can be a good opportunity to show that you offer free delivery or a warranty.

Professor Answered on September 6, 2018.
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Facebook is always deliver a good attraction for online sellers to generate traffic. But, as you said now the results are not so good, you can either search for more facebook groups or you can post in your current groups with some offers to attract more visitors towards your store.

Default Answered on August 25, 2018.
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eBay created ther own PPC campaigns to promote products of several sellers. Further, there are ebay affiliate programs for which you can look here:

Apart from this as @jeremyfinch said, FB is another good platform to market your products.

All this will help you in generating good revenues.


Default Answered on August 28, 2018.
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